The Consular Corps of Cusco

About us - Cusco consulates


The Consular Corps of Cusco was set up in 2008 as an unregistered, non-profit association with no political, religious or racial aims or distinctions. 

Its members are honorary consuls, vice consuls and consular agents accredited as consular representatives by their respective embassies before the government of Peru.


Currently, the Honorary Consul of Germany holds the position of chairperson and dean of the Cusco Consular Corps.


Representations of the following embassies can be found in Cusco: the Austrian consulate, the Belgian consulate, the Bolivian consulate, the Brazilian consulate, the Finnish consulate, the French consulate, the German consulate, the Dutch consulate, the Portuguese consulate, the Spanish consulate, the Italian consulate, the Israeli consulate, the Swiss consulate, the British consulate, and the North American consulate, the Mexican consulate and the Australian consulate.


All of these consulates in Cusco offer their help in case of emergency. Some provide passports for the respective European country as well.


The main objectives of the Cusco Consular Corps are:

• To promote the development and strengthening of relations between Peru and the countries represented by each of its members.

• To cooperate with public and private administrations in all subjects relating to each member’s consular responsibilities.

• To take action collectively in case of emergency or disaster.

• To provide appropriate information and communication to local authorities, as well as national or international public and private entities.

• To render institutional support for actions carried out by consular representatives, at their request, and when it is possible to collaborate.

• To respect and demand respect, pertaining to the regulations stipulated in the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of the 24th of April 1963, effective since the 19th of march 1967.